The sequel to the 2021 Design Refresh is the (2022) Design Refresh!

In short, it's a community-centered weekly creative art challenge. All are welcome!

  • Starts on: 2nd January 2022

  • Runs for: 16 weeks

  • Accepts: 🎨 Digital/traditional art, 🎵 music, 🎥 videos, and more!

Every weekend, CindryTuna will broadcast all of the submissions on Twitch!

  • AEDT: Saturday 12 PM

  • EST: Friday 8 PM

  • PST: Friday 5 PM

  • GMT: Saturday 1 AM

  • J/KST: Saturday 10 AM

The hashtag for the Refresh this year is #2022DesignRefresh.

Behind the Scenes

This project was produced and sponsored by Inkling Interactive.

The sponsor's banner.
  • Design: Cindy "cindrytuna" Xu (she/her)

  • Engineering: Thomas "papapastry" Wang (he/him)