An artist placing a completed work in the gallery.

Participants Guide

The first thing you should do isĀ join the official Discord!

The rules there are the rules here, and you can use many of the channels to chat, get help, and discuss the Refresh! It is also there for limited tech support of this website.


All dates and times are localised to: Australia/Melbourne (AEDT).

  • Submit by: Saturday 12 PM

  • Showcase at: Saturday 12 PM

  • New themes at: Sunday 12 PM

If in doubt, use the site countdown!

Making a Submission

Log in to use the web form to make a submission for a week. You can submit multiple times a week if you like, and you can submit anything you want!

This is not a competition. It is designed to be very chill; if you're a bit late, submit anyway!